Tuesday, July 6, 2010


We were honored enough to have won tickets (on the radio) to see Backstreet boys last Friday and it was amazing!! We got a special wristband that allowed us to go the third story of a bungalow shared with 4 other people and we could see the whole concert from there! Let me go back and explain, the concert was at Manadalay Bay Beach. This "beach" has a stage in the middle of a pool that has varying depths. There was abt 40 feet of water in front of the stage and so in order to get close you have to get in! But only to knee height water. Then there is about 250ish feet of sand you can stand and watch from, then there is where we got to sit. It rocked! We had our own pool, bathroom, and couches to chill out on during the concert (even though we spent most of the time in the water). I was loving it and singing the whole time, rocking out to the oldies but favorites of Backstreet Boys, and poor Clay, he put up with it and stood strong as one of the few straight men there. It was awesome!! Oh and of course the concert opened up with the song "Backstreet's back" and not to much of a surprise, I was grossed out by them singing love songs to 16 year old girls because they are well over the age they used to be. Their ages ranged from 30-36... seriously guys? Sing the song to someone else besides the ones that are illegal. But we enjoyed it and Clay will never go to a boyband concert again. It was a great Friday night!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


We have been very blessed to have friends come and visit us in Vegas!

First: Charley Hinckley Nelson and Jared! We went to Kilroys- its bomb!! Then we went to Fremont Street and Jared and Clay met their new favorite Saxophonist- this guy is ridiculous, he seduces 70 year old women with his sax.

Second: We have Clays best mission buddy friend and his no longer girlfriend... she was really nice. But we went to the New Orleans buffet. It was pretty dang good but there were too many of these little guys around.

Lastly in this fun post of friends were Clay's and now my cousins Jake and Bailey they are awesome! I would put pictures, but I dont have any... bummer. I thought I did. Well it is awesome when people come and visit and we absolutely love it! And I thoroughly encourage visitors anytime!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010


I promised Autumn that I would blog about them coming, so here it is Autumn, Dan, and Audrey came to visit!!

We, being Clay and I, met them at Port of Subs which is an amazing sandwich place, and we got to bond over lunch. It made me realize how much I miss family and especially my amazing cousins! But I am so glad Vegas is a stopping point between American Fork and Arizona! We love you guys!I love the Christmas list- Juanita, Marcos, and Rigo... guess what part of town we were in.. :)

Monday, September 21, 2009


So to add to my page for once in a long time I am going to say how fun it is to go to a school that actually has a football team! Go Rebels! Last week was against Hawaii and we barely scraped by (yes we, like I'm part of the team). We had these hawaiians sitting by us who were an everso friendly semi-drunk group but they were hilarious and super friendly.

The whole time they were chearing Hawaii on and holding signs like this. They were even pretty positive when Hawaii was winning. At one point UNLV was ahead and then Hawaii scored putting them ontop. This one large Hawaiian man pointed at everyone around us saying "sad face" while pointing and laughing, which almost sounds rude but the way he said it and once he did it, the UNLV fans did it too whenever they came out ontop over Hawaii. Needless to say Clay and I will be going to many more because this stuff is fun! Go UNLV! It was said today by my coworker that UNLV is one of the best schools to root for because no one expects them to win, so when they do its a huge victory and when they lose its no big deal. But no need to worry, they wont be losing with Clay and I as fans :)


Thursday, July 30, 2009

The Bug Bite

I was at Clay's parents house Sunday a few weeks ago and i look down on my leg to see this huge while spot. I figured it was a mosquito bite so I ignored it. Later it became red, the size of my palm and super raised, without my scratching it. Still no idea what it was. Next day it looked similar to the picture, but a bit more raised because I kept pressure on it and cold stuff. Benadryll didnt help, the medicine the doctor gave me did nothing, and it would not go down and it throbbed constantly! Little did I know that this mystery bug's bite would only go down with this Native American recipie for salve that my mother-in-laws mother makes. After two days it decreased it in size in half. Waited 3 days for it to go down by itsself, didnt happen. I put it on again and 4 days later it was gone. Strange but way cool.
(Its the large red spot)
2 weeks later, we're taking family pictures at the sand dunes, we get home, I see this huge red bump but now on my calf. Thank goodness for this salve.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

The brown hair

So I've always wanted to dye my hair brown and one day I decided to be super tricky and do it right before a family reunion. And it was dark. Kristin did not like it. Many did but her lack of loving it still persisted. She would not wear it down because the dye looked weird and always looked not straight. It frustrated her. So next Wednesday in a pretty much hopeless attempt to make my hair look better I'm going to get highlights all over to try and "lighten" it because to turn it all back one color is A) really bad for your hair B) can make it fall out -says 4 hair places- and c) would be more money. SO goodluck to me for Wednesday, and the moral of the story is, when you get curious about hair colors, 1)make sure you get it done somewhere not with a box mix 2)be careful how light/dark you want to go 3) stop being curious and just dont do it. Its not work the pain of the new haircolor and the oney to fix it.

The Proposal

I have no idea how to do anything remotely fancy like my sister Camille with this blog but this movie The Proposal is such a funny movie! I was impressed with it and of course I loved the cheesy ending that was quite necessary. Luckily I was watching the movie at home and I could avoid Oscar from The Office http://www.nbc.com/The_Office/ giving Sandra Bullock her "special bridal shower" dance. But seriously, very cute movie, original (as far as a chick flick goes with the deportation thing) and as long as you have a fast forward button it rocks :)